Cretan Grapevine Varieties

Wines of Crete continue to win more territory in international wine markets. The collective effort of the modern, organized winemakers of the island has brought local wines into wine lovers markets around the globe. Slowly but steadily, the different wine varieties from Crete get to the position they deserve. As explained in previous articles, winemaking in Crete is special for both its long tradition, as well as, the special geo-climatic conditions of the island. Because of these factors, a series of amazing varieties of grapes make Cretan wine hard to ignore. To be more exact Crete hosts 7 endemic white varieties and 4 red in addition to the many international varieties the grow on the island and give very interesting results.

What follows is a list of some of the must-try grape varieties based on the criteria of how terroir and flavor combine to give us unique and exceptional flavors. At this point it is important to note that I am writing this not as a wine specialist, but as a connoisseur. In the text that follows you will not find any wine specialist terminology or advice. Instead, you will read the opinion of a person in search of flavors that are special in different ways. So here we go:

Vidinano- Βιδιανό


A white wine with an exceptional character. Vidiano is a variety that according to a lot of winemakers is the future of winemaking in Crete and Greece. In the original webpage of the wines of Crete it is characterized as the next Diva of Cretan winemaking due to its apricot, creamy flavor. Another important characteristic of this special wine is that it can be aged into barrels. Modern winemakers spend are doing a lot of experimentation in order to highlight this special ability of Vidiano. An example that underlines Vidiano’s special character is the fact that it is now used for the production of natural wines. This magnificent variety can be combined with pasta, fish, or white meat with lemony sauces.


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