Who We Are

We are a team of passionate professionals from Crete that are in love with food, its culture and the communication that can take place around a table.

For us both Crete and its cuisine is a powerful and perpetual experience that is not restricted and it is not only about a dish. On the contrary, the dish is the delicious result of many things that connect the past with the present. Through a dish unfolds a world that includes cultural features, historical traces, scientific or empirical knowledge that have all been developed through the human need to survive. Above all, through a dish reflects the love and generosity of generations, whose geographical identity, awakens memories, creates feelings and begins a dialogue between a companion and a narrator.

Our Mission

We, in Tasting Crete, want to become the vehicle that will help in narrating the stories of Cretan Gastronomy. We want to demonstrate and showcase the depth of Cretan Cuisine and its food products.

Our Vision

In Tasting Crete we envision to communicate the products and flavors of Crete to both locals and travelers from around the world. We hope we provide an experience that brings on the table both soulfull food, as well as, food for thought.

What we offer

We aspire to provide experiences that bring on the table both food for taste, as well as, food for thought and food for the soul.

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Food Tourism Specialist, Ph.D. Anthropology
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Giorgos has spent most of his professional life trying to develop food tourism on the...