What we offer

We provide experiences that brings on the table both food for taste, as well as, food for thought.

Cooking Class with the Locals

Explore the Cretan Diet and Cuisine of the island through a hands-on cooking experience in the center of Heraklion. Get involved and experience the health benefits and variety of tastes the Cretan Diet has to offer. Get involved with the locals…

Olive Oil Tasting

Olive Oil Tasting

Immerse in experiencing the flavors of Olive Oil that become the base of the Cretan Diet and one of the secrets of longevity. Join us in an experience that will introduce you to this amazing product and its properties. Together we will learn what olive oil is all about, what makes it special and its importance in the Cretan Culinary Culture.

Wine tasting

Wine Tasting

One island with over 11 endemic varieties of grape wines can only be a small little gem for wine lovers and enthusiasts. Explore Cretan winemaking, the local grape varieties and the long traditions that make the bond between the Cretans and their wine inseparable. Tasting Crete takes you on a wine journey in several wineries of Crete exploring …

Food In Rural Crete

Food In Rural Crete

Spend a day in rural Crete and be surprised by the depth of culinary culture Crete has to offer…Find out why the Cretan Diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world and the base for the Mediterranean model.

Private Dining

Private DIning

Enjoy your diner, with dishes inspired by the Cretan Diet and Cuisine, in our private space in the city center of Heraklion. Right in the heart of the city, yet away from the crowds, we have created a unique and cozy space in order to host you and your friends and family


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All Our Services focus on experiencing the Cretan Food Culture and celebrating local producers

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Book On Line your Tasting Crete Experience through our Paypal secure payment system

Get Cooking With Us

You can engage in a hands-on experience based on seasonal products, home cooking, and authentic local flavors while exploring the magnificence of the culinary culture of Crete.

What we offer

We create experiences that star Cretan Food, Diet, and Cuisine based on the food traditions and histories of the people of Crete. Our experiences make you an active participant in the food r-evolution of the island and engage our guests in a culinary dialogue that awaken all of your senses. Join us for a food journey around Cretan Cuisine. Book your seat in a: Wine Tasting Olive Oil Tasting, or Cooking Class Program  


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