Private Dinner

Enjoy your diner, with dishes inspired by the Cretan Diet and Cuisine, in our private space in the city center of Heraklion. Right in the heart of the city, yet away from the crowds, we have created a unique and cozy space to host you with your friends and family. Enjoy our culinary creations with menus based on the Cretan Culinary Culture passing from generation to generation. Relax and spend your evening tasting wines directly from the Cretan Vineyard as they pair with your dishes for the night. Feel the flavors and aromas of the Cretan Cuisine in a modern and safe space in the heart of the city.


During This Experience You Will:

  • Create a Menu with us based on a wide range of options from our Cretan Diet Menu
  • Pair your Dishes with a minimum of 3 Wines from the Cretan Vineyard
  • Explore the Cretan Diet in a private and unique setting



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